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“INHABIT” film nears release

We here at PINE are happy to share news of a project highlighting permaculture projects in our community… ‘Inhabit’ is a documentary film exploring the idea of conscience inhabitance through permaculture.  Filmmakers Costa Boutsikaris and Emmet Brennan release a short clip, highlighting the work/”gift” of PINE board member Steve Gabriel. From the filmmakers, “As we … Continue reading


How Can the Permaculture Movement be in Right Relationship with Place, People of Color, and Indigenous Peoples: A Discussion from the October Gathering at Omega

by Jesse Watson This year’s Northeast Regional Permaculture Organizer’s Retreat held at Omega in Rhinebeck, NY was a nice mix of open space topics and work sessions focused on PINE action items (the Permaculture Institute of the Northeast).  I rather timidly brought an open space topic for discussion with which I had but a passing familiarity.  … Continue reading