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2017 PAN Winter Retreat Registration ...

2017 PAN Winter Retreat Registration – Conversation on Standards

Permaculture is at a tipping point. Now that it has reached a critical mass of practitioners and has entered into many mainstream venues, conversations around standards, who is qualified to teach and certify, and what the process is to become a teacher are coming to a head. PAN has been convening teachers and organizers around this […]

PINE Membership Drive

PINE Membership Drive

The decision to hold a membership drive grew from community goals, discussions and cooperative decision making.  For over 5 years, PINE has been asking, listening and recording these goals via convergences and sub-regional discussions.  In February of 2014, the PINE Board expanded its annual retreat to include Working Group members, eager to work together to turn our […]

PAN 2016 October Teachers Gathering: ...

This past October the Permaculture Association of the Northeast (PAN) organized a deep and vibrant gathering of 27 teachers from the up and down the Northeast United States and Canada at the Omega Institute in Rhinebeck, New York.  We gathered over many meals, fires and facilitated spaces to support permaculture teachers to continue improving the […]

PAN Coordinator Job Announcement

Greetings Northeast Permaculture Network! We are excited to announce that PAN is seeking to hire a part-time staffperson to help us coordinate our efforts and bring more consistency to our online presence and offline projects.  The Coordinator supports the ongoing function of PAN through the implementation of a work plan developed with the PAN Board […]

Why you should come to the Omega retr...

Why you should come to the Omega retreat

PAN has heard for a few years now that what the northeast network needs is a training in how to make our permaculture courses and events more relevant to communities of color.  As it stands now, the demographics of our network are fairly homogeneous, and that is understandably how the permaculture movement has started.  PAN […]